Tree Pruning

The trees around your home are important – they are part of the overall aesthetic and that is why you have to take care of them. Only one problem though – how do you find the best tree removal Houston service? There are several in the area and since you want an expert tree pruning service, you have to know what you are looking for. Here are some tips to guide you:

•    The first thing you want to know is whether they have current insurance and whether they can show you proof of it. Tree pruning and tree care in general is dangerous work. Should someone fall and get hurt while they are on your property, they may hold you liable for their medical bills. Always make sure that any tree pruning service that you hire has insured its workers.

•    Do they have any credentials? Although training is not a requirement per se, it is always better to hire someone who has some sort of education in tree care. Someone who is trained or at least accredited has the knowledge to do more than just prune – they can tell, for instance, when a tree is sick and they will know how to treat it. Check whether they are members of the International Society of Arboriculture or whether they are accredited by the Tree Care Industry Association.

•    Always ask for references. Can they provide you with the numbers of the last 3 jobs that they worked? When you call, find out whether the homeowners were happy with the work that was done and whether they would hire them again.

•    Get estimates from at least 3 different companies in order to have a fair understanding of the scope of the job and also to get an idea of the current market rates.

•    It is very important to find out the kind of equipment that they will be using to complete the job. The last thing you want is massive power equipment that ruins the rest of the yard and upsets your neighbors.

•    Find out how long the job will take. You will be surprised at how much it can differ between companies. Some will tell you that a job will take them two days while others will tell you that it will take two hours.

•    It is always better to choose a company that appears professional. Do they have a truck? Is it branded? Do they wear uniform and so on.

You now have enough information on how to find the best tree removal Houston service.